In order to guarantee maximum deliverability and consistency of design across mobile and desktop platforms, the following guidelines should be upheld during the web design process.


Design for a maximum browser width of 1920px, but keep critical content within a 1200px breakpoint. Image backgrounds and non-critical items can reside outside of the 1200px breakpoint, but copy/ video, and key imagery should be kept inside the breakpoint as to display gracefully on tablet and mobile devices.


User overlapping elements purposefully. Though overlapping elements on a web page brings a sense of depth, only overlap elements when it adds to the design to avoid bad UI on smaller screens such as laptops and tablets.


Use software intended for designing web pages. Avoid programs such as PowerPoint or InDesign as these programs are more intended for print and presentation designs. Illustrator, Photoshop, Figma, or Canva are preferred.


Provide source for raster elements and all fonts used in the design. This allows us to adjust graphics and fonts to better suit mobile devices.


Avoid font sizes that are too small to read. If a visitor to your site is outside or visually impaired, mouse type may be completely illegible.