How to Use the Active3D Virtual Review Environment

Step 1

Log into using the account credentials sent
to you via email.

Step 2

In the your Production + Development group, click on the virtual review link.

Step 3

Enter the password for the session. This password is the 8 character code after “PW:” in the title.


You will now have access to the virtual review app. When you are finished reviewing, close the tab.

Please Note

If you are receiving a wrong password message, please verify that you do not have any extra spaces when copying and pasting the 8 character password indicated in the link title.

Using the Command Panel

A command panel will appear at the top of the screen in the virtual review environment. This panel is not part of your app and can be moved to other locations on the screen, but does provide useful functions during your remote session. You can hide this panel at any time by using the collapse button (highlighted in the screenshot below).

Command Panel Expanded

Command Panel Minimized

Frequently Used Command Panel Functions

Full Screen Button

Displays the app full screen on your computer. We recommend enabling full screen mode when testing the app on a touchscreen.

Screenshot Button

See an item in the app that you needs to be noted? This button will take a picture of your view and save it to your computer.

Command Bar Position

If the command bar is obscuring a part of the app you are trying to review, you can change its position at any time.

Ending Your Session

If you are in full screen mode, tap escape on your keyboard to exit this mode, then simply close the browser tab and confirm that you would like to leave the page by clicking the leave button.

Help + Support

Having troubles reviewing your app or not seeing an app you would like to review?
Email us at or call us any time at 816.577.2416