Augmented Reality Mirror Photo Booth

AUGMENTED REALITY MIRROR PHOTO BOOTH AUGMENTED REALITY MIRROR PHOTO BOOTH THE CHALLENGE AUGMENTED REALITY MIRROR PHOTO BOOTH Educate + entertain guests about the Australian Board of Tourism. Guests were surprised with 1 of 5 different Australian scenes with augmented reality, body-tracking props. They could then have their photo taken and share it via text, email, […]

Gesture Controlled Exhibits + Games

GESTURE CONTROLLED INTERACTIVE GESTURE CONTROLLED INTERACTIVE Unique interactive controls are our specialty. Kinect, gesture walls, gesture floors and sensor controlled applications are a great way to draw a crowd.

Soccer Action Wall

SOCCER ACTION WALL​ SOCCER ACTION WALL​​ THE CHALLENGE TOYOTA KICK CHALLENGE Provide Sporting Kansas City fans with the opportunity to work their way up the season-long leaderboard while engaging with the Toyota brand. Participants signed up through a brief survey and registration process for a chance to beat the Toyota Kick Challenge. OUR SOLUTIONS Interactive […]