WebGL Support

WebGL technology allows new exciting experiences possible across all aspects of the web.
Though once a cutting-edge technology, WebGL is now supported on a great majority of modern browsers.

If you are having problems running an Active3D Virtual Experience, read the steps below to troubleshoot your issues.

WebGL Troubleshooting

1. Check to see if your web browser is on the supported list of browsers (see the button 1 below)

2. Check to see if WebGL is actively working on your device and browser (see button 2 below).
If you see the spinning cube, WebGL is enabled.

3. If your device browser should support WebGL, but you do not see the spinning cube, WebGL functionality may have been disabled on your device. Contact your IT administrator to have the functionality restored.

4. If your browser should support WebGL and you see the spinning cube, but the experience does not load, your computer or network settings may be restricted from viewing WebGL content on specific websites. Contact your IT administrator to have the functionality restored.

If you have performed the tests above and Active3D Virtual Experience is still not loading on your device, or if your device should support WebGL but is not working at this time, you may need to contact your system administrator to ensure WebGL content is not being blocked on your device.

Active3D Virtual Experiences are currently supported on 97.88% of all browsers. Most common WebGL issues arise from internal firewall/browser restrictions or out-of-date hardware/software. 

Interactive experiences requiring higher amounts of graphics processing capabilities or heavily featuring transparent video are currently not supported on Safari for Mac. Safari is the only major browser on the market that does not support loading WebGL content using the device’s internal graphics chip. Though we are hoping that Safari will add this functionality in the future, and previous experimental (beta) builds of Safari have featured this functionality, no official support in public versions has been communicated by Apple.

Active3D does not support WebGPU applications at this time.