Creating/Editing Graphics Tutorials

Below are a collection of tutorial videos on designing adding graphics to your PCB designs using AutoTRAX. Click on one to view the video.

 Adding Graphics To Your Drawings

Adding graphics to your drawings.


This video show how you can add and edit text.


Adding and editing lines.

 Adding and editing lines

The video demonstrates how to add and edit graphical lines.

 Note Boxes

Adding and editing note boxes.


Adding and editing rectangles.


Adding and editing polylines.


Adding and editing polygons.


Adding and editing circle and ellipses.


Adding and editing arcs.


Adding and editing images and pictures.


Adding dimensions To your drawings.

 Measuring Distances

Often in you design you will want to measure the size of an object or the seperation between objects. This video show you how to quickly use the measure tool.

 Using Guides

Guides are a powerful tool in AutoTRAX that help you layout your design and also to snap objects to a custom grid designed using guides. This video show you how to add horizontal and vertical guides as well as point guides.

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