Fire System Explainer Video

AUGMENTED REALITY MIRROR PHOTO BOOTH THE CHALLENGE FIRE SYSTEM EXPLAINER VIDEO Aid in launching a new fire suppression system engineered to bring water based fire protection to environments that normally could not support a traditional sprinkler system. FIND OUT MORE OUR SOLUTIONS Interactive DevelopmentAugmented Reality TrackingSocial Photo SharingExperience Design/Development

Augmented Reality Mirror Photo Booth

AUGMENTED REALITY MIRROR PHOTO BOOTH THE CHALLENGE AUGMENTED REALITY MIRROR PHOTO BOOTH Educate + entertain guests about the Australian Board of Tourism. Guests were surprised with 1 of 5 different Australian scenes with augmented reality, body-tracking props. They could then have their photo taken and share it via text, email, or social media. FIND OUT […]

Interactive Scale Models

INTERACTIVE SCALE MODELS Small Scale, Big Impact We’re adding the reality back into virtual. Cutaway models, scale models, and dioramas have always been a great way to visualize concepts and products. If you have product that is too large and cost-prohibitive to exhibit or display, physical models are a great way to reduce shipping, drayage, […]

Retail Interactive Roundup

RETAIL INTERACTIVE ROUNDUP This tech roundup features new interactive, experiential, and gesture based retail exhibits. From creating virtual reality worlds that use motion sensing gesture cameras to track shoppers movement to interactive dioramas, interactive in-store is as popular as ever and the internet of things has taken over retail space. RETAIL INTERACTIVE ROUNDUP This tech […]