Fire Suppression Simulator

FIRE SUPPRESSION SIMULATOR FIRE SUPPRESSION SIMULATOR LIVE FIRE DEMONSTRATION THE CLIENT Fike THE CHALLENGE Showcase the wide range of product Fike offers for the detection and suppression of office and warehouse fires. The products were to be displayed in an environment where an active server-room fire was occurring. FIND OUT MORE OUR SOLUTIONS Look & […]

Data Visualization Trade Show Exhibit

DATA VISUALIZATION EXHIBIT DATA VISUALIZATION EXHIBIT RISING TO THE CHALLENGE THE CLIENT Cerner THE CHALLENGE Create a tactile tangible way of expressing a data connectivity service – make magic out of ones and zeros. Bring data to life and create an engaging display showing the real-time transmission and relationship of data between partners. FIND OUT […]

Interactive Scale Models

INTERACTIVE SCALE MODELS INTERACTIVE SCALE MODELS Small Scale, Big Impact We’re adding the reality back into virtual. Cutaway models, scale models, and dioramas have always been a great way to visualize concepts and products. If you have product that is too large and cost-prohibitive to exhibit or display, physical models are a great way to […]

Fire System Explainer Video

FIRE SYSTEM EXPLAINER VIDEO FIRE SYSTEM EXPLAINER VIDEO THE CHALLENGE FIRE SYSTEM EXPLAINER VIDEO Aid in launching a new fire suppression system engineered to bring water based fire protection to environments that normally could not support a traditional sprinkler system. FIND OUT MORE OUR SOLUTIONS Look & Feel Design 3D Modeling + Animation Environment […]

Educational Launch Video

EDUCATIONAL LAUNCH VIDEO HIGH QUALITY SOLUTIONS THE CLIENT Sullair THE CHALLENGE Educate potential clients about the newest air compression technology invented by Sullair. As no messaging had yet been developed, great care had to be taken to thoroughly and completely explain how Sullair’s new technology works and in which ways it breaks ground. FIND OUT […]

Augmented Reality Primer

INTERACTIVE PRODUCT EXPLORER INTERACTIVE PRODUCT EXPLORER AUGMENTED REALITY – TABLETOP COW By tracking a printed tracking marker with a tablet device, the Brisk Team has made large-scale objects portable and engaging. See our Augemented Reality primers below for more detail on AR Apps, Transparent LCD Displays, and Hologram-Style exhibits. Linkedin-in Facebook-f Twitter Instagram Youtube AUGMENTED […]