We are a multidisciplinary team of...

Interactive Developers

Digital Artists

Experience Designers

Exhibit Builders

...helping you make amazing connections through digital, virtual and physical experiences.

Active Realities

Screens and Digital Destinations That Immerse Your Audience

From touch screens, microsites, and product configurators to full web ecosystems, we create breakthrough brand experiences that drive 3D commerce, gamification, and experiential product activation.

Active Visuals

Stories That Attract, Educate, Entertain, and Enlighten

Our visual effects, film, and animation studio is equipped for 3D/VR/AR/XR, green screen, live event, in studio, or virtual production - ready to tell compelling brand stories for every screen, concept, and audience.

Active Exhibits

Spaces and Physical Branded Environments That Engage

Our interdisciplinary exhibit, experience design, and tech integration teams produce best-in-class experiential environments, events, fanfests, interactive exhibits, and brand activations to "WOW!" your audience.

Your Brand Activation Powerhouse

Our in-house creative + engineering teams are ready to design, build and deliver rock-solid concepts, worldwide.

Three core in-house teams, one agile company that delivers!

For over a decade, we have helped industry-leading brands and agencies...

...launch human-centered stories, screens and spaces.

The Right Teams and Tools for Interactive + Experience Design

We specialize in the development of interactive brand visualization and virtualization.
We build and integrate into digital and physical environments for your audience to engage with your story.

Active Realities

UI + UX Design

Fresh Responsive Interfaces
Intuitive Navigation
Self-Training Experiences

Web + Microsites

Websites + Dashboards
E-Commerce + Training Tools
Product + Process Microsites

Virtual Product + 360

Simulators + Configurators
Product + Process Visualization
Virtual Tours + Environments

Metrics + Tracking

Lead Capture + Tracking
Dashboard + Team Tools
Fulfillment Portals

Active Visuals

3D + 2D Animation

Explainer Videos
Mode + Mechanism of Action
Characters + Visualization

Film Production

Broadcast + Web + Social Content
Interactive Videos
Marketing + Training + Support

Virtual Sets

Virtual Stages + Sets + Studios
VR + AR + 360 Interactive
Desktop + Web + Mobile Delivery

VFX + Projection

Visual Effects + Special Effects
Projection Mapping
Simulation + Process Visualization

Active Attract

Interactive Displays

Kiosks + Product Explorers
Interactive Windows + Surfaces
Brand Activation Stations

Apps + Games

Mobile + Web-based Apps
Branded Games + Gamification
Training + Simulation

VR + AR + XR

Virtual Reality
Augmented Reality
Mixed Reality

Gesture + Touch Control

Touchless + Touch Interactive
Gesture + Mobile Device Control
Next-Gen Inputs + Interfaces

Active Exhibits

Experience Design

Brand Activation + Theming
Spacial + Sentiment Design
Intuitive Spaces + Technology

Event + Trade Show

Experiential Event Design + Build
Trade Show Booth Design + Build
Pop-Up Shops + Mobile Marketing

Venue Exhibits + Spaces

Corporate + Museum + Zoo
Healthcare + Education
Retail + Sports + Entertainment

Interactive + Theming

Props + Sets + Theming
Technology Integration
Next-Gen Controls + Display

Our Process

How we create meaningful results and insights for your team...

We want to empathize with the why, how, what, challenge, benefits, differentiators, target audience, competitors, etc.
Give us the details.
Critical run-of-show support to... Ensure audience success. Nurture the initiative for future phases. Maintain the tools and tactics to help you achieve the most mileage and trending metric results.

We alpha test then beta test to ensure your project is ready for launch. Next we walkthrough and train to ensure your team is ready to deliver your experience to your audiences.

With a rock-solid plan in place, now it is time to do the bulk of the tangible work. Depending on the project, we code, animate, film, and build. This is where our experience and expertise turns concepts into reality!
Evaluate exploration alongside benchmarking. Make necessary adjustments. Set roadmaps, engineering plans, mutual production and launch expectations. Green light production!

Both teams map out creative, platform and process options based on agreed goals to ensure the value we are creating is significantly higher than the project budget!

What are the end goals, purposes, budget ballparks, timelines and measurements? Who are the audiences? Are we educating, entertaining
or both?