PCB Designer

Highly Customizable Copper Pour

2D View

View the full PCB in stylized view. The 3D parts can also be optionally shown.

Exploded 3D View

You can view the PCB in ‘exploded’ view mode which shows in internal structure of your PCB.

No Limits

Unlike other EDA developers AutoTRAX DEX is not stymied by the limited thinking of the software developers of the last century.

Why do the limits there boards? Who know?

There are absolutely no limits to your design in AutoTRAX DEX.

  • Unlimited board size
  • Unlimited number of layers.
  • Unlimited number of parts.
  • Unlimited number of pads.
  • Unlimited number of nets.
  • No time limits. The software is yours to keep.

As DEX has only 1 license type, unlimited, you get it all. No immoral Trojan horses to trap you into paying more.


No Forward or Backward Annotate

Why? No need! Such an antiquated idea is not needed with DEX’s Unified Design.